Democratic Governors Move $1 Million More to McAuliffe

Posted October 17, 2013 at 11:32am

The super PAC of the Democratic Governors Association reported it gave $1 million in September to Terry McAuliffe for his race for Governor of Virginia.

DGA Action reported it gave $500,000 on 9/24 and $500,000 on 9/30 to Terry McAuliffe for Governor. The PAC also provided $10,000 in in-kind consulting to the McAuliffe campaign. This brings the DGA Action 2013 contribution total to $5.7 million, plus more in in-kind donations of research and services.

During September the PAC had receipts of $1,110,389 and disbursements of $1,092,487, leaving $1,230,485 cash on hand as of 9/30.

Major donors included $895,000 from the Democratic Governors Association; $61,523 in lists from the Democratic Governors Association; $10,000 from Honora Ahern (CT); $10,000 from Stanley Barer (WA); $10,000 from Marie McKellar (NY); and $7,500 from Orin Smith (WA); among others.

Other donors included $1,000 from Nancy Sinatra (entertainer, CA); $1,000 from Joan Bingham (editor & publisher, Grove Atlantic Press, NY); $1,000 from Kenneth Gross (attorney, Skadden Arps, MD); $3,000 from Cristina Lang Assael (chairman, Assael Inc., NY); among others.