This Week in HOH: Playboy Model Missing

Jason Dick
Posted October 25, 2013 at 1:10pm

And it was 25 years ago this week (exact dates don’t always match up from the 1980s, since we were a weekly back then) that HOH told this revealing story of a Capitol Police officer in its Oct. 30, 1988, edition:

Playboy Model Missing. The day the November issue of Playboy hit the stands, Pamela Pashovsky, the 24-year-old Capitol policewoman who appeared in a provocative (but not nude) pose, was transferred from her security X-Ray machine in Hart to a desk at police HQ, as a crowd-control measure.

‘Some women I pass in the halls snarl at me,’ she says. ‘But about 35 guys have asked for my autograph.’ There would probably be more, she explains sadly, ‘if I was easier to find.'”