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David McKinley Right at Home on Megabus

Commuting to and fro can be a major hassle for some lawmakers.

(Courtesy Mary McKinley)
(Courtesy Mary McKinley)

Not so for Rep. David B. McKinley, R-W.Va., who has no problem allowing cut-rate transporter Megabus to take him home along country roads.

The fiscal conservative made a point of trumpeting his frugality following a particularly contentious Energy and Commerce Committee hearing last week, during which House Republicans laid into the contractors responsible for constructing President Barack Obama’s embarrassingly buggy health insurance portal.

“Talking to riders on the Megabus is a good way for him to listen to the concerns and ideas of a wide range of people. He actually recruited a college student to intern for our office on one of his trips,” a McKinley aide said of the connections the congressman has made over the years.

Apart from enjoying the considerable downtime (“He uses the time to do a number of things including catching up on emails, reading, talking to his seat neighbors, and yes, even tweeting,” staff said), McKinley digs the low, low fares. Megabus rates for the Morgantown-Union Station trek are about $9-$29 traveling westbound and $8-$25 eastbound — both substantially cheaper than the average cost of filling up the old family truckster.

And it’s no mere political statement: McKinley’s wife, Mary, appears to be hooked as well.

“She rides it more than he does,” Team McKinley shared. “She loves it.”

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