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Fighting Synthetic Threats to Cut Training Costs

Six years ago, Boeing began an independent research and development project to advance and demonstrate integrated live, virtual and ‘constructive’ (I-LVC) aviation training in which a live aircraft is networked with simulators (virtual) on the ground, and they both combat computer-generated threats (constructive).  To a layman, the concept might resonate as fighting in a virtual world – but the training experience is real.

MSF07-1693-506.CR2Now, I-LVC technology for current operational aircraft has evolved.  Both the U.S Navy and Air Force are formalizing their I-LVC requirements and various F/A-18 and F-15 international customers have expressed a desire to leverage an I-LVC training capability.  And, Boeing is the only company to provide a fully integrated LVC solution.

“The integrated LVC training environment can generate warfighter readiness in mission areas such as anti-air-warfare, strike warfare, and electronic warfare,” said John Schwering, Boeing business development leader for I-LVC training. “Aircrews are able to get better quality aviation training with more sophisticated air- and ground-based electronic warfare threats at less cost than current systems.”

Boeing’s I-LVC training brings forward the capabilities to stimulate electronic warfare systems on-board the platform within a virtual environment, engage with aircraft targeting systems, and launch and score against virtual tactical threats – thereby extending current training range capacity.  It also decreases the number of live aircraft needed to create a battle scenario.  With an I-LVC capability on a tactical fighter platform, aircrew can train within a complex threat environment, which previously was unavailable for live tactical training.

Learn more about Boeing’s I-LVC capabilities here.

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