Murkowski, Fellow Alaskans Give Thanks

Posted November 26, 2013 at 4:40pm

With the holiday season in full swing, Sen. Lisa Murkowski is using social media to poll those in the Last Frontier about that which they are most thankful for.

The Alaska Republican launched her #AKThanks campaign Nov. 22, urging her Web-connected constituents to share snippets of what makes their home state so great. The project will culminate today with the release of the “Appreciating Alaska” mini-documentary Murkowski is producing in conjunction with the Alaska Channel.

She got the ball rolling late last week with a video valentine to the frozen stuff that’s already threatening to paralyze the Mid-Atlantic region over the next few days:

“As an Alaskan, I am always thankful for winter,” she notes on YouTube before launching into a rundown of the meteorological hits Seward’s Icebox has already sustained this year — slipping in what would seem to be a prescient dig about the District’s precipitation-based mania.

“I’ve got this little motto: Keep calm and think snow,” she quips.

Her fellow Alaskans, meanwhile, have expressed love for all kinds of stuff, including:








HOH would like to give thanks for all things Moose’s Tooth Pub, particularly the Santa’s Little Helper pie (oil-brushed crust works overtime to support mouthwatering bits of grilled steak, savory chicken, crisp bacon, zesty pepperoni and ribbons of blistered red pepper), Death by Peanut Butter dessert (three fingers of creamy peanut butter slathered onto a crunchy graham cracker crust, all capped with chilled milk chocolate) and utterly intoxicating Hard Apple Ale (delivers a sour kiss worthy of a Jolly Rancher).