FEC Slaps Jesse Jackson Jr. Committee with a $7,150 Fine

Posted November 29, 2013 at 5:37pm

A small fine from a small federal agency for not reporting may be the least of former Rep. Jesse Jackson’s problems, but this agency treats campaigns equally and probably won’t give up until all the money is accounted for and reported.

The Federal Election Commission announced today it had fined the Jesse Jackson Jr. for Congress Committee, and its treasurer Vickie Pasley, $7,150 for not filing a 2012 year-end campaign finance disclosure report.  The report was due on January 31, 2013. It still has not been filed. The last committee financial report filed covered through November 26, 2012, and indicated it had $105,703 cash on hand.

The treasurer filed a letter at the end of August 2013 indicating she was resigning and that she had no contact with the campaign account, no knowledge of monies in the account, had never signed a check, and had no access to campaign checks.

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., is now serving a 30-month prison term after pleading guilty to misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds. His wife was sentenced to a year in prison for filing false tax returns in connection with the misuse of her husband’s campaign funds. As campaign manager she had used the campaign credit card and spent funds for personal expenses. View Roll Call article.