C-SPAN Founder Brian Lamb Pressed About His Missing Credentials

Posted December 12, 2013 at 2:20pm

Veteran broadcaster Brian Lamb learned a valuable lesson about the all-seeing eye of social media Thursday. The founder and former CEO of C-SPAN casually strolled into the Senate without updated press credentials.

Lamb, who began working as a Senate aide over four decades ago, explained that he had not renewed his press pass this year. When he wandered over to the second floor — en route to the radio/TV gallery for a vote by the executive board — staff stopped him and asked to see his congressionally issued ID.

Lamb explained the situation (“Everybody’s just doing exactly what they should have done,” he noted), got redirected upstairs to secure a temporary badge and then went about his business. But not before his gaffe was broadcast on Twitter.

(Courtesy C-SPAN)
(Courtesy C-SPAN)

“I should have known better,” Lamb shared, adding, “Next time, I’ll make sure to stop at the desk and get my pass.”