New FEC Chairman Chosen to Lead Agency During Election Year

Posted December 17, 2013 at 3:22pm

The Federal Election Commission has selected its new chairman for election year 2014, while it continues to struggle with partisan deadlocks, compliance backlogs, and computer hackers.

The members of the Federal Election Commission elect their chairman each year and usually rotate the chairmanship between the two major parties. Today, the Commission elected Republican Lee Goodman as the chairman for 2014, to succeed the 2013 chairman, Democrat Ellen L. Weintraub. Democrat Ann Ravel was elected Vice Chairman. Both Goodman and Ravel came to the Commission in October of 2013.

The current problems facing the Commission were highlighted in an article by Dave Levinthal at the Center for Public Integrity. The article is entitled, “How Washington Starves Its Election Watchdog.”