Survey: 40% of Chinese See U.S. Military in East Asia as Threat

Posted December 17, 2013 at 9:00am

The Pew Research Center reports that “amid rising tensions in East Asia, a new report finds that while relatively few Chinese (12%) regard the United States as an enemy, about four-in-ten Chinese (41%) see the U.S. military presence in East Asia as a major threat to their country and an even greater number (63%) see the U.S. as the nation posing the greatest threat to China.”

“The survey of China was conducted in May-August 2012 by the Peking University’s Research Center for Contemporary China (RCCC), before the recent escalation of territorial disputes in the East China Sea, including China’s declaration of an air defense zone in the area and the U.S. decision to challenge it by sending two B-52s through the contested airspace.”