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What Not to Do: Mess With Staffer Benefits

My colleague Hannah Hess has the story in Tuesday’s Roll Call: According to the Congressional Management Foundation, the recent changes to the health care benefits are taking such a toll on senior staffers that many want to leave. “Anywhere but here” seems to be echoing through the halls of the Capitol. Nearly 4 in 10 of the chiefs of staff and district directors surveyed expect to look for a job outside the office in the next 12 months.

From the story:

“I found out in September that I have breast cancer,” one senior-level staffer responded. “I’m losing my health care coverage in the middle of my radiation treatment. Getting insured through the D.C. exchange is not helpful — my choices are very limited and costs are high. As a result, I’ve gone on my husband’s plan. My staff don’t necessarily have that option.”

They’ve been through shutdowns, party overhauls and presidential changes and they know that the show must go on. They’ve sat through State of the Union speeches, constituent meetings and late-night votes. These are the experienced hands you want guiding your ship. As much as Hill Navigator encourages young people to get a job on Capitol Hill, it’s the seasoned staffers that can teach you the most.

The silver lining? More Capitol Hill job openings …

Read the full story here.


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