Capitol Hill Fox: Our Once and Future King

Posted January 17, 2014 at 1:50pm

We’re not ready to plunge into a Whovian wormhole and declare that the Capitol Hill Fox has been around for centuries. But stunning new evidence could send others spiraling.

The Architect of the Capitol’s unearthing of a faded photo of a man cradling a fox in front of the Capitol back in 1919 is just the latest piece of the mind-scrambling puzzle that is the CHF.

There are some who believe the red-haired rascal may be new in town. Administration types suspect the CHF is not working alone.

And still others are totally confused about the seemingly misdirected media worship.

“I thought Congresswoman [Kristi] Noem was the only fox at the Capitol,” a presumed fan of the South Dakota Republican quipped on reddit.

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)
(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

All we know is that people cannot get enough of the constantly commuting critter.

Moreover, a dive into social media revealed that we were probably selling the CHF terribly short when we mapped out a path toward entertainment superstardom for the creature.

Others foresee so much more in the fox’s future.

Serving as the new face of the Washington Redskins:

Grabbing the mayoral reins here in D.C.:

Becoming THE pet adoption advocate of the season:

Accepting any one of those posts would likely keep the CHF too busy to pose for its near-daily appearance(s) on Instagram.

But help may soon be on the way.

“I saw not one but two little red foxes today behind the Lincoln Memorial. They were hanging out together, watching traffic, then turned and jogged to take cover under some bushes. I don’t know if they’re an item, but they’re very cute,” our CQ colleague Emily Ethridge relayed to HOH early Friday.

“Maybe come spring we’ll have Capitol Hill Kits?” she suggested.