White House Gives Pentagon Budget Advice

Posted January 24, 2014 at 11:29am

“The White House this week gave the Defense Department budget guidance through 2019 that calls for more money after 2015 than congressional budget caps allow,” Bloomberg reports.

“The Office of Management and Budget guidance, known as the ‘pass-back,’ also includes for the first time an ‘investment fund’ for programs the White House has approved to receive additional funds should they become available, according to the officials, who asked not to be identified because the directive hasn’t been made public.”

“As part of its budget submission to Congress, the Pentagon is expected to present the OMB investment fund to lawmakers to demonstrate where more money would be added to that allocated in last year’s bipartisan budget deal, one of the officials said. The federal budget, including the Pentagon blueprint, is due to be released on about March 4, the officials said.”