The Latest MoFo, Charles Duross | Downtown Moves

Jason Dick
Posted January 30, 2014 at 11:33am

Charles Duross, a veteran prosecutor for the Justice Department, is heading to Morrison & Foerster. Duross, who most recently headed up DOJ’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act unit, will lead “MoFo’s global anti-corruption practice” starting next month, according to the firm’s announcement.  

Can we just pause for a moment and be grateful that even in a field that can sometimes be comically dry and self-serious, the firm has no problem referring to itself with an abbreviation typically associated with, ahem, rougher language, or at the very least the song U2 usually walked out to during their PopMart tour back in the 1990s? Thank you, MoFo. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Duross has been at Justice for 12 years, and is so steeped in the 1977 FCPA that, according to the firm, the Washington Post once dubbed him “Mr. FCPA.” He was the lead author of a joint DOJ/Securities and Exchange Commission publication “Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”  

Mr. Smith went to Washington a long time ago — Duross’ story may perhaps one day include a chapter titled, “Mr. FCPA Goes to MoFo.”  

Yes, we’re having fun now.