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‘How to Get U.S. Military in Your Super Bowl Ad For Free’

Businessweek reports that “the advertising industry is a frenzy of high-fives as creative shops of all sizes celebrate a round of Super Bowl plays that were arguably more interesting than the big game itself. But one very large agency is flying under the radar, already focused on even bigger projects: It’s called the Pentagon.”  

“Any production that wants the blessing and cooperation of the world’s largest military can usually get it. Just call one of a few special liaisons at the Pentagon whose job it is to streamline logistics and vet scripts for material that might make the U.S. armed forces seem less than honorable.”  

“The Pentagon’s ‘entertainment’ detail handles requests from Hollywood producers, but lately corporate ad shops have been calling, too. And the appeal of the military for advertisers remains on the rise. John Marshall, senior partner at Lippincott, a New York-based brand-strategy and design agency, said in an e-mail that the military is one of the few U.S. institutions that has garnered an increase of trust over the past 40 years, vs. backsliding institutions such as Congress.”  

The piece continues: “The military is generally happy to help create these moments, free of charge. If the Pentagon likes the project, it will even rent out war hardware, although fees can get steep for such things as fighter planes.”

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