Hagel Wants Answers on Military Ethical Lapses

Posted February 7, 2014 at 4:55pm

The Associated Press reports that “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday he sees no simple answer to why the U.S. military is suffering so many ethical lapses, but he vowed to get to the bottom of a trend of embarrassing disclosures.”  

“He told a Pentagon news conference that even with an accumulating tide of reports of generals and admirals abusing their positions and facing an array of accusations of unethical behavior, the moral fiber of the military remains strong.”  

“‘But some of our people are falling short of these high standards and expectations,’ Hagel said.”  

“Just in the last few weeks the Air Force and the Navy have disclosed investigations of cheating on tests by officers and sailors involved in nuclear operations. The Air Force also is pursuing a drug use investigation, and sexual assault and harassment cases have surfaced across the services.”