Joel McHale to Headline White House Correspondents Dinner

(Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)
(Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)
Posted February 14, 2014 at 11:49am

“Community” star and “The Soup” host Joel McHale has been charged with bringing the funny to this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner.  

The annual “nerd prom ” is scheduled to take place at the Washington Hilton on May 3.  

“We’re thrilled that Joel will headline the dinner when we celebrate our centennial,” White House Correspondents Association president Steven Thomma trumpeted in a release. “He’s sharp, funny, and just the type of comic who can navigate the unique challenge of our dinner, making fun of Democrats, Republicans and especially the news media. Washington can use a little good-natured ribbing.” Good-natured ribbing?  

McHale doesn’t pull many punches when presented with something juicy like a congressional sex scandal:  

Consider yourselves warned, closet Capitol Hill sexters.