Firewalls Crumble at Federal Election Commission

Posted February 19, 2014 at 9:43am

After the Federal Election Commission was hit by computer hackers last year, the agency is now permitting another firewall to crumble between candidates and Super PAC activity.  

Four years ago, the Supreme Court concluded in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, that because an independent expenditure is political speech not coordinated with a candidate, it does not rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.  

But the supposed barrier between candidates and unrestricted super PACs is flimsier than ever, according to Eliza Newlin Carney. “As midterm elections approach, complaints are rolling into the FEC from both parties about super PACs that share vendors, fundraisers, and video footage with the politicians they support.”  

View Carney’s article  in Roll Call, “Firewall Between Candidates and Super PACs Breaking Down. ” part of her series on Rules of the Game.