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‘House of Cards’ — Inspiration for the Politically Oppressed

Kevin Spacey, the man behind Frank Underwood. (GC Images via Getty Images)
Kevin Spacey, the man behind Frank Underwood. (GC Images via Getty Images)

We might be reaching the stage of development where everything can be viewed through the “House of Cards” prism. The second season of the Netflix original series, which was released on Feb. 14 and has set forth a torrent of status tweets and cultural piggy-backing, even provides an illustration of the Republican establishment’s attempt to marginalize the tea party.  

That’s according to FreedomWorks Outreach Director Deneen Borelli, who writes on her blog : “Just like the fictional character Frank Underwood, elected officials from either political party will intimidate and threaten those that dare oppose them. In fact, FreedomWorks – a Tea Party affiliated group and the organization that I work for – is being targeted for daring to challenge the Republican establishment.” Not since (real life) House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., rallied the GOP troops before the impending shutdown last year by organizing a viewing of the vigilante melodrama “Prisoners” has a political figure been so inspired by pop culture.  

Borelli’s “House of Cards” post, though, is a tour de force of using the lessons of fiction to serve fair warning to the powers that be: “So, the Frank Underwood’s of D.C. whether it’s Senator McConnell, Speaker Boehner or anybody else look out – we the people will demand Representatives that are pursuing our interests and not theirs – we will not be intimidated.”  

Duly noted.

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