Capitol Hill Fox, Friends Back on the Prowl

Posted February 26, 2014 at 6:21pm

The now-weekly snowfalls keep threatening to render the little slice of heaven Capitol Hill dwellers call home inhospitable to man or beast.  

(Courtesy number7cloud)
(Courtesy number7cloud)

Good thing the four-legged friends who’ve taken up residence around town refuse to let Mother Nature ruin their fun.  

The last time we checked in on Capitol Hill Fox emotions were still running high after a widely reported death scare . What a difference a few weeks makes.  

View Capitol Hill Fox sightings in a larger map CHF has, apparently, kept busy visiting local landmarks.  

In the most well documented adventure yet, CHF kicked off Valentine’s Day by posing right in front of the Capitol, before bolting towards the National Mall for some art appreciation. An enthralled fan followed the fox over to the National Gallery, where CHF displayed proper pedestrian protocol by sticking to the sidewalk:  

The aesthetic itch scratched, CHF elected to get back to nature, scampering off into the snowy wilds:  

Meanwhile, fellow journo Carl Hulse discovered a certain bright-eyed interloper staring back at him just a few nights back.  



Hiding out, are we, Mr. Possum ?  

Guilty conscience got you on the run?