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Honda Posts Policy on Political Activities

A major international automobile maker has joined a growing list of companies that have established disclosure measures to make transparent the company’s political activities policy and any political activities in which it participates.  

The Honda North America policy governs political activities and disclosure in the United States. Honda does not maintain a political action committee (PAC), but it encourages dealers to contribute to a trade association PAC, the Automotive Free International Trade PAC.  

The Honda policy statement , posted on the Internet, states no corporate resources will be used to support the election or defeat of a candidate, and no portion of trade association dues, or payments to tax-exempt organizations, may be used for or against a candidate. Honda may be involved with ballot initiatives and political party conventions.  

Honda’s policy calls for publishing online a report of its political activities for the prior six months.  

The Center for Political Accountability (CPA), which scores American companies on comprehensive public disclosure of political activities, indicated Honda would receive a hypothetical score of 97%, and place it in the top tier of companies.

Ford Motor Company has also posted its policy, but the CPA scored them at 40% in their 2013 CPA-Zicklin Index. The CPA states Ford does not disclose any political expenditures of corporate assets. General Motors has posted its policy.

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