Krist Novoselic Rolls to Republic for Democracy Party

Posted March 5, 2014 at 2:13pm

Nirvana bassist cum political activist Krist Novoselic will trumpet the need for electoral reform around 7:30 p.m. Sunday at Republic (6939 Laurel Avenue, Takoma Park, Md.) during a fundraiser piggybacking on the unveiling of the restaurant’s live shows.  

The grunge rocker has been dabbling in politics for a while now, lending his voice and stature to candidates and causes that resonate with his personal philosophy. He joined FairVote ’s board of directors nearly a decade ago and has been advocating for change ever since.  

A Republic spokeswoman suggested that those more interested in reliving 90’s musical angst rather than rocking the vote might be better off staying home.  

“We’re not certain if Krist is performing as yet, as he’ll be there in the capacity of his FairVote chairmanship,” the restaurant aide told HOH, adding that local acts The Cowards Choir and The Beanstalk Library are scheduled to play. Those who do show will get the chance to taste the new late-night menu, a carte comprised of: mustard ale cheeseburgers on pretzel buns ($13), a duck confit Cubano featuring country ham, poblano chilies and bread and butter pickles ($14), braised lamb empanadas ($12), jerk-spiced sweet potato chips ($4) and buttermilk panna cotta ($6). Boozehounds can also savor new creations ranging from the Ring of Fire ($11 for Cognac, Sambuca, bitters and an open flame) to the Purple Suit ($8 for a house-made shrub with a wheat beer chaser).  

Moving forward, Republic plans to host live music several nights a week. The second and fourth Sunday of every month will serve as open mic nights, the first and third Sundays of each month will be reserved for an “artist spotlight” of top performers from the open mic sets. Mondays will be set aside for blues night, while Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are committed to live concerts.  

Per a release, Hard Swimmin’ Fish are on tap for March 17, Kalen and the Sky Thieves are slated to blow into town on March 22, and local trio Djesben is expected to do its thing on April 11.