D.C. Businessman Pleads Guilty to Providing $3.3 Million to Campaigns

Posted March 11, 2014 at 1:36pm

A Washington, D.C. businessman pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate federal and D.C. campaign finance laws.  

Jeffrey E. Thompson  pleaded guilty to channeling more than $3.3 million in illegal campaign contributions to 28 political candidates, including people running for president and D.C. Mayor. The D.C. campaigns involved $2.29 million.  

The federal campaigns involved more than $1 million. Thompson admitted he secretly channeled $608,750 from February 2008 through May 2008 to pay for efforts on behalf of a 2008 presidential candidate, believed to be Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. The money was for hiring a New York marketing services company to organize street teams and canvassers who supplemented the campaign’s official activities in Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina and Puerto Rico.  Marketing executive Troy White has already pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in the matter. News reports indicate Minyon Moore, a Clinton adviser, facilitated a meeting between White and Thompson. Thompson also paid $50,000 to help a civic organization pay for a law suit challenging the two-step voting process in Texas. He also provided $150,000 for a political demonstration in Washington, D.C. to benefit the presidential candidate.  

Thompson also provided $250,000 to be used by 32 people as conduits to make contributions to at least 13 federal candidates and a PAC.  

View press release  from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. View press release  from the U.S. Attorney.