Will the EPA Ever Take Action on Greenhouse Gas Regulations?

Posted March 12, 2014 at 7:54pm

Ben Geman asks whether the EPA will ever implement its plans to institute carbon-emission standards for large industrial pollution sources.  

“With the clock winding down on the Obama administration, experts say it’s unclear whether EPA will craft carbon-emissions standards for any big stationary pollution sources beyond power plants—or even if it has enough time or resources left to do so.”  

According to its fiscal year 2015 plan, the EPA has yet to “plan to make determinations” on whether to regulate heavy polluters.  

“Once the agency has determined it will craft a rule, the process of writing and proposing it, taking comment, and completing it can take years. And for major rules, court challenges almost inevitably follow.”

“EPA, to be sure, is doing more on climate in Obama’s second term than the power-plant rule. For instance, the agency is crafting the next round of emissions standards for big trucks.”

“But when it comes to carbon emissions standards for big stationary industrial polluters, power plants are the big show—and maybe the only one.”

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