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Things Lawmakers Should Do Before They Complain About Military Readiness

Report: Pentagon misled Congress on sexual assault in military

Pentagon Threatens to Close Bases Without Congress

Paris Climate Deal: One of History’s ‘Great Triumphs’

Climate Debate Isn’t Really a Partisan Issue

Renewables to Provide More Energy Than Fracked Gas

Carbon Emissions Growth Expected to Stall in 2015

A Partisan Divide on Climate Change Concerns

As Legalization Spreads, Pot Growers Guzzle Billions in Electricity

The Latest in a Trend of Global Warming Milestones

Americans Increasingly Concerned with Global Warming

The Case for High Gas Prices: Safety

Governments Spend Over $450 Billion Annually to Subsidize Fossil Fuels

Pie charts are rubbish - but basically less coal, more wind, solar

Renewables to Overtake Coal as World’s Largest Power Source

Will Solar Die if the Investment Tax Credit Isn’t Renewed?

Suing States Quietly Look for Ways to Comply with Clean Power Plan

Trillions in Savings Anticipated From Projected Emissions Reductions

Americans Not Too Worried About Climate Change

Renewable Energy Poised to Surge Ahead in Next 15 Years

Obama Cements Climate Change Stance With Keystone Pipeline Decision

TransCanada Fumbled in its Approach to Keystone Pipeline

More Americans are Worried About Global Warming

Solar and Wind Power Skyrocket; Fracking Falters

Texas Cities Lead in Green Power Government

America’s Cleanest Energy States

Is the Keystone XL Project in Jeopardy?

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.01.56 AM

Falling Gas Prices Fuel Consumers to Spend More

Facing a Drop in Energy Use, Utilities Fight Back With Steep Fees

The Hypocrisy of the U.S. Climate Policy: Profiting From Coal

Debunking the Latest Argument to Ignore Climate Change

The combined emissions from these three countries compared to global emissions, with the thick solid line representing a global pathway consistent with 2 °C.

Despite Ambitious Climate Pledges, Achieving Climate Goals Will Take a ‘Miracle’

Chart of the Day

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How Can a State Circumvent Emissions Laws? Import Dirty Power

Which Cities Will Drown With Global Warming?

Good News for Coal: It Can’t Get Much Worse

Oil Industry Gets Close to Repeal of U.S. Ban on Petroleum Exports

How the U.S. and OPEC Drive Oil Prices

Obama Doubles Down on Artic Drilling Regs

Oil Prices Supported by Gasoline Demand

Senate Panel Approves Oil Export Bill

EPA Unveils New Ozone Rule

Mexico Privatized Energy Industry at Wrong Time

Environmentalists Not Happy with New Ozone Rules

Is China Burning Less Coal?

Energy Industry Dollars Flow to New House Leaders

Why the Energy Industry Should Go Digital

EPA Sees Success from New Methane Rules

What Hillary Clinton Didn’t Say About Keystone XL


U.S. Takes Top Spot in Renewable Energy Ranking

Bush Will Unveil Comprehensive Energy Plan