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No Slow Down in PAC Money to Congress During Snow and Recess

Although the snowy weather and recess slowed down legislative action during February, PAC money kept moving, led by the National Association of Realtors PAC, which gave over half a million dollars to federal candidates and committees.

Political action committees (PACs) of companies, unions, trade associations and other interest groups are reporting their financial activity for February on Thursday. Early filings indicate that some gave out more than $100,000 during February to federal candidates and committees.

The National Assn. of Realtors PAC tends to give out a large amount of contributions early in an election year, and then another large amount in the fall before the General Election. During February the National Assn.of Realtors PAC reported receipts of $1,179,450 and disbursements of $598,248, leaving $4,659,699 cash on hand at the end of February.

Earlier reports show the following PACs gave more than $100,000 in February:

National Assn. of Realtors PAC $584,590.
AFLAC PAC $233,000.
CME Group Inc. PAC $169,000.
Dealers Election Action Committee of the National Automotive Dealers Assn. $157,500.
Int’l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC $153,600.
Raytheon Company PAC $151,500.
Action Committee fir Rural Electrification (ACRE) $150,817.
Lockheed Martin Corp. Employees PAC $146,000.
Exelon Corp. PAC $143,000.
Build PAC of the National Assn. of Home Builders $132,500.
National Multifamily Housing Council PAC $131,000.
New York Life Insurance Company PAC $135,750.
Boeing Company PAC $126,500.
Eli Lilly Company PAC $119,000.
CenturyLink Inc. PAC $119,000.
National Beer Wholesalers Assn. PAC $108,500.
AT&T Inc. Federal PAC $107,350.
General Dynamics Corp. PAC $106,500.

Investment Company Institute PAC $105,000.

In other filings, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg contributed $200,000 on 2/4 to his Super PAC, Independence USA PAC. ActBlue, which processes earmarked contributions to Democratic candidates, reported receipts of $8.6 million and disbursements of $7.7 million. The federal account of Emily’s List reported February receipts of $1,273,487 and disbursements of $1,969,870, leaving just over $2 million cash on hand at the end of February.

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