Senior Executives in Koch Industries and Subsidiaries Fuel PAC

Posted March 20, 2014 at 11:34am

Corporate executives of Koch Industries and forty-one subsidiaries contributed over a quarter of a million dollars to its PAC during February, surprisingly none were named Koch.  

Four hundred and sixty-six employees, and a few spouses, contributed $250,912 to the Koch Industries Inc. PAC during February, including 27 that gave the $5,000 maximum. Another $32,061 was raised in small unitemized contributions of $200 or less.  

The Koch Industries Inc. PAC  reported  receipts of $284,785 and disbursements of $112,711 during February, leaving $1,268,420 cash on hand at the end of the month. The PAC gave $105,000 to federal candidates and committees during February.  

From January 2013 through the end of January the PAC had receipts of $1.9 million and had given $1,183,500 to federal candidates and committees, with 98% going to Republicans. View 2013-2014 PAC financial profile .  

In the full 2011-2012 cycle, the PAC reported receipts of $3,082,336. The PAC gave $2,581,500 to federal candidates and committees, with 97% going to Republicans.  

The itemized contributors to the PAC in February 2014 came from Buckeye Mt. Holly LLC; C. Reiss Coal Company; Dixie Consumer Prod LLC; FHR Pine Bend LLC; FHR Corpus Christi LLC; Flint Hills Resources LP; Georgia-Pacific LLC; G-P Building Products LLC; G-P Cellulose LLC; G-P Chemicals LLC; G-P Consumer Oper LLC; G-P Containterboard LLC; G-P Corrugated III LLC; G-P Gypsum LLC; G-P Wood Products; G-P Consumer Products; Invista Sarl; John Zink Company LLC; KCBX Terminals Company; and KGGP LLC.  

Other contributors work for Koch AG & Energy Solution; Koch Agronomic Svcs LLC; Koch Agriculture Company; Koch Business Holdings LLC; Koch Business Solutions LP; Koch Carbon LLC; Koch Chem Tech Group LLC; Koch Companies Svcs LLC; Koch Co Public Sector LLC; Koch Energy Services LLC; Koch Exploration Co LLC; Koch Industries Inc.; Koch Methanol LLC; Koch Minerals LLC; Koch Nitrogen Company LLC; Koch Pipeline Company LP; Koch Rail LLC; Koch Supply & Trading LP; Market-Based Mgmt LLC; Matador Security Co LLC; and Optimized Proc Designs Inc.

During January and February, no one with the name Koch was reported as an itemized contributor.