GWAR Loses Frontman, World Loses Bloodthirsty Political Equalizer

Posted March 24, 2014 at 3:57pm

Entertainer Dave Brockie, the human counterpart to intergalactic swordsman Oderus Urungus, died Sunday, leaving behind a massive void for metal-heads used to having the GWAR singer settle political scores for them.  

As first reported by Style Weekly , Brockie, 50, was found dead at his home in Richmond, Va., on Sunday afternoon.  

The inexhaustible showman carved out an amazing career for himself as the co-founder and face of GWAR , a heavy metal band as well known for its grotesque costumes and fake blood-soaked skits as it is for its ear-splitting performances.  

Whether clad in his horned mask and generously proportioned body suit or not, Brockie was never one to hold his tongue. A few years back, he chewed out the U.S. State Department for presumably dragging its feet in fighting for the return of Lamb of God singer David Randall “Randy” Blythe from imprisonment in the Czech Republic, and waded into New Mexican primary challenges by endorsing then-House hopeful Sean Closson.  

Brockie, however, did his best work on stage — mercilessly disposing of political foes, both domestic:  


President Barack Obama


President George W. Bush


2012 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin


And foreign:  


Osama bin Laden


Canadian bad boy Justin Bieber


Pope Francis


Hell, sometimes he even slayed 80’s pop hits:  


So long to the greatest scumdog this (or any other) universe has ever laid eyes upon.