Harry Reid’s Instagram Feed is Picture Perfect

Posted April 4, 2014 at 11:29am

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may be new to Instagram, but the veteran lawmaker is clearly well rehearsed in the art of putting one’s best face forward.  



Though just a few hours old, the Nevada Democrat’s online photo diary is already chock full of cookie-cutter campaign art, including:  

The Power Huddle

Just, you know, shooting the breeze with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, R-Calif.    

Behind the Scenes

Don’t you just hate it when the paparazzi get right up in your grill?  


Getting Your Hands Dirty

Loads of fresh air. The feel of the sun on your back. Yep, manual labor suits me just fine.  


Day in the Life

There I was, just walking along and — BAM! — out pops this musician who just had to play me a little something.  


Pleading One’s Case

Hot mic, open arms, can’t lose.  


Insert Sports Legend Here

“Not for nothing, Bernard [Hopkins], but 50 bucks says you can’t knock me out”  


Home, Sweet, Home

What happens in Vegas, well, you know…  


Haters, naturally, wasted no time finding fault with the political peepshow:  



Can’t wait to see how things develop.