Online Advertising Helps Hillary Clinton Super PAC Raise $5.7 Million

Posted April 16, 2014 at 2:26pm

A Super PAC encouraging a presidential run by Hillary Clinton  has spent over $1.5 million for online advertising during the last 15 months and raised over $5.7 million.  

Ready For Hillary , a Super PAC, reported  receipts of $1,705,580 and disbursements of $1,597,306 during the first quarter of 2014, leaving $857,243 cash on hand as of March 31st. During the quarter, the committee spent $375,147 on online advertising; $227,796 on direct mail production, and $209,127 on payroll.  

The PAC raised $813,162 from donors giving $200 or less, and $872,100 from 933 contributions of more than $200. Of the itemized large contributions, most came from New York, California, and Pennsylvania. The occupations of ‘attorney’ and ‘retired’ were listed most often.  

Major donors in the quarter included $25,000 from the following: Sharon E, Corzine (psychotherapist, NY); Glen Fukushima (senior fellow, Center for American Progress, DC); Tim Gill (retired, CO); John Goldman (executive, San Francisco Symphony, CA); Marcia Goldman (school director, PACE, CA); Leslie Miller (attorney, McKissock & Hoffman, PA); Daniel Neidich (investment banker, Dune Capital Management, NY); Laurene Powell Jobs (chair, Emerson Collective, CA); Sandra Wagenfeld (owner, Swingshift LLC, CT); and Fabian Nunez for Treasurer 2014.  

During 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, the itemized donors (those giving $200 or more) provided more than $1 million from New York; almost $910,000 from California; more than $305,000 from Texas; more than $215,000 from Pennsylvania; more than $130,000 from Florida; and almost $100,000 from both Virginia and Arkansas.