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Wisdom Gets a Case of the Mondays

As Kurt Vonnegut would say, “Goodbye, Blue Monday! ” Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Wisdom cocktail bar on Capitol Hill has decided to start opening on Mondays.  

The announcement of extended drinking hours show just what’s at stake. “To celebrate (and because we are unstable) we will be doing CHRISTMAS IN MAY. We will be playing random XMAS movies for your enjoyment/annoyment. Order a cocktail and unwarp a surprise gift (one per visit),” the announcement from Wisdom says. In a nod to celebrating the day Mexican forces defeated the French in Mexico a long time ago, they promise that patrons will “enjoy Tequila in ways that you never imagined …”  

For anyone who’s dropped by Erik Holzherr’s spirits-infused imaginarium at 1432 Pennsylvania Ave. SE or belongs to the Wisdom gin club , it’s no idle chatter.