No Wings? No Problem – Meet Boeing’s Phantom Badger

Phantom Works: Phantom Badger
Phantom Works: Phantom Badger
Posted May 27, 2014 at 4:42pm

The last time Boeing built something with four tires and a steering wheel was the Lunar Roving Vehicle in 1971. Today, however, Boeing’s Phantom Badger represents a different and exciting dimension to the company’s evolving product line.  

Phantom Badger is a versatile, modular and reliable sidekick to the revolutionary V-22 Osprey Tilt-rotor aircraft . It’s compact enough to fit inside the belly of a V-22, as well as other aircraft including the CH-47, C-130 and C-17.  

Designed with the best of today’s commercially-available technology, this mighty Badger has NASCAR blood pumping through its veins. Boeing partnered with MSI Defense — a small, agile company in Mooresville, North Carolina. Together Boeing and MSI designed and built Phantom Badger, which has completed over 5,000 grueling miles of durability testing to date. MSI is now assembling dozens of the vehicles right in the heart of racing country for today’s warfighters.  

“One of the vehicle’s greatest attributes it is modularity. The rear section can quickly be modified to support a wide range of critical missions including special reconnaissance, troop mobility, casualty evacuation and transport, direct and indirect fires with various weapons, ground combat search and rescue and many others. Six bolts and 20 minutes is all it takes for a crew to swap out a different module for most missions. The vehicle’s modular design, many configurations and operational employment are limited only by the needs and imagination of the operator,” said John Chicoli, program manager for Boeing’s internally transportable vehicle program.  

Although Phantom Badger was only unveiled a year ago, the team continues to evolve the vehicle’s innovative design based on customer feedback.  

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