Keystone Vote Key in Landrieu Campaign

Posted June 17, 2014 at 10:38am

Bloomberg reports that “even by the standards of the U.S. Congress, where committee chairmen traditionally wield their gavel for the benefit of home-state industries, Mary Landrieu’s unapologetic boosterism of Louisiana’s energy interests is drawing notice.”  

“Since becoming head of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this year, Landrieu has installed a pair of Louisiana aides on the panel’s staff to address the needs of what she calls ‘America’s Energy Coast.’ She’s leaned on agencies to issue permits for Sempra Energy (SRE)’s natural gas export project in the state. Last month she held a hearing in Louisiana to get an update on a local hydroelectric project.”  

“No one in recent memory has so aggressively used a gavel to get re-elected, said Jennifer Duffy, Senate editor of the Cook Political Report in Washington. Whether it will be enough to hold off a Republican challenger in her toughest contest yet remains to be seen.”