Reid Predicts Veterans’ Health Bill Will Fall, Fears Gridlock on Border Supplemental (Video)

Posted July 21, 2014 at 3:16pm

the border supplemental to address the child migrant crisis

“We had a big show here, not long ago, where we provided $35 billion to help veterans. We’ve spent trillions of dollars in two wars, unpaid-for by the way. That’s what President [George W.] Bush wanted, and that’s what he got,” the Nevada Democrat said in a floor speech.  

“But now, when we’re being asked to spend a few dollars to take care of these people who have come back in need as our veterans … it looks to me like they’re going to come back with nothing,” Reid said, blaming the GOP for penny-pinching. “The conference is not being completed. Why? Because they have to spend some money on these people who they were glad to spend the money to take them to war, but now they’re back they’re missing limbs, they’ve got lots of post-traumatic stress problems … no money there.”  

Reid said he’s afraid that’s where the border bill is headed, too. “I’m afraid we’re headed to the place where unless the Republicans get to deport all these DREAMers … or just give these kids no hearings at all and just ship them back. I just think it’s not fair.”  

“We need to get resources to our border patrol agents and others who are caring for these children in central America. We need judges to hear these kids’ cases and decide whether they need protection or need to be sent back home,” Reid said. “The world is watching how this great democracy of ours responds to this crisis.”  

Reid said it’s Congress’s job to provide the money.  

“If they don’t get their resources, they are going to be out of money, and then what are we going to do?” he asked.