Jim Himes Rains on Conspiracy Theorist’s Parade

Posted July 23, 2014 at 2:05pm

Rep. Jim Himes unleashed a flood of Twitter rage Wednesday morning after baiting a current events troll with news of his “secret” powers.  

The social media implosion occurred shortly after a Twitter user self-identified as Danny Anson (@1Anson1 ) decided to dig into the Connecticut Democrat’s background and demanded to know about any underlying affiliations.  



“None. But on Tuesdays they do let me control the weather,” Himes quipped when quizzed about his allegiance to surreptitious power brokers.  

The taunt clearly fried Anson’s circuits, sparking some 40-odd replies (and counting ) that bounce around a bevy of hot-button issues: destabilization of the Middle East, religious persecution, global intelligence gathering, morality, free trade. You name it.


Meanwhile, the feisty solon wisely did not let on as to whom the meteorologically enabled “they” might be.  

Our money’s on the all-powerful Stonecutters:  

(Matt Groening is the bravest whistle-blower in history.)  

Or Denholm Elliot’s carefully groomed cadre of responsibility-shirking bon vivants:  

(When in doubt, simply ask yourself: What would “The Whoopee Boys” do?)  

The only real question is: How do we get in on the clandestine fun?