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Max Baucus Embraces 44’s Burger Diplomacy

Former solon turned Ambassador to China Max Baucus appears to have adopted a page from the administration’s guest dining manual, whisking a Democratic operative visiting the Far East directly to a Western-style kitchen.  

Upon his arrival overseas, Obama 2012 campaign manager and former Baucus aide Jim Messina found himself at a good old burger joint — blue frog bar & grill — launched by native Montanan Bob Boyce.  



Boyce, founder and CEO of the blue horizon hospitality group, launched the original blue frog in 2002 and has replicated the casual dining concept more than a half-dozen times during the past decade.  

Per a 2012 article chronicling “The Great Burgers in Shanghai,” one of blue frog’s claims to fame is the towering Montana burger.  

The tribute to the Treasure State reportedly starts with Australian sirloin and rib eye (bison meat can’t make the trip?)  ground into a 75/25 lean-to-fat proprietary blend. Each roughly half-pound patty is then topped with barbecue sauce, beer-battered onion rings, thick-cut bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions.  

“Put that all together and you have a full plate of Oh My Goodness,” the enthusiastic reviewer gushed.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, Baucus has been frequenting blue frog for years. State Department aides declined to discuss diplomatic dining habits with HOH, but Boyce’s workhorse sounds a lot like one of Baucus’D.C. haunts, Tunnicliff’s Tavern .  

No word on how the Montana burger stacks up against Tunnicliff’s Texan , but we’re sure President Barack Obama would approve of Baucus’ choice of introductory grub.  

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He has, after all, made a habit of shepherding foreign leaders all over town to feed his burger obsession.

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