Follow Up on Capitol Hill Job Perks

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Posted August 8, 2014 at 5:01am

It turns out Capitol Hill isn’t without its perks, at least as observed by outsiders.  

Hill Navigator received a number of responses on “I Was Told There’d Be Perks ” from staffers and would-be staffers arguing that Capitol Hill does, in fact, have perks.  

Hill staffers get health insurance, Metro benefits, books from the Library of Congress delivered to their door, underground parking, matching thrift savings plan contributions. There are options for student loan repayment, professional development, even staff trips to far-off places like Alaska or China.  

There is a gym for staff, credit unions on both the House and Senate side, and professional organizations like the Office of Compliance that are dedicated to helping staffers out of uncomfortable situations.  

So what other “perks” would be missing?  

Being a congressional staffer is a great privilege with many benefits. But the traditional “perks” that one asks for — such as more time off, a bigger bonus or travel and entertainment budget — are still not part of the job culture. Rather, expanding responsibilities and knowledge is what most Hill staffers are seeking, including the questioner, and advice was given as such.  

But for anyone who feels they need more out of their job on Capitol Hill, you’re right to keep pushing for more responsibilities and ways to learn. What constitutes a “perk” is a matter of perspective, and a rewarding job tends to have quite a few.  

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