Fast Forward Friday: How a Photographer Uses Instagram’s Hyperlapse

Posted September 19, 2014 at 5:00am

Hyperlapse app

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve put this nifty little app to the test, and I love it. It shoots video at normal speed, then gives you the option to save or publish the video at normal speed to 12 times the speed.  

Just imagine how much Congress could get done at 12 times the speed.  

My first experiment was with the 53 Miss America contestants’ visit to the Capitol during the last week of summer recess. Although my primary role was to shoot still photos of the event, I figured I would try out Hyperlapse as the beauty queens got off their bus, hoping I didn’t miss capturing an epic still frame of a wardrobe malfunction. After a quick preview of that first test, I was hooked.  

My first target was the Senate subway as members arrived for a vote. The trick was to figure out where to place my iPhone to record on its own while I shot still photos with my real cameras for the paper. Propping the phone up on the floor against a wooden stand did the trick. Of course some overly helpful reporter decided to inform me that leaving my phone on the floor wasn’t a good idea. Yeah, thanks. I got it under control. Despite the interruption, here’s how it turned out. (Can you spot Roll Call’s very own Niels Lesniewski ?)  

Rep. Rick Nolan’s news conference at the House Triangle

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