Bakken Natural Gas Flares Reduced

Posted October 27, 2014 at 5:05am

Rigzone reports that “a month after implementing new rules regarding the flaring of natural gas, the state of North Dakota was near compliance with the new limits as oil and gas production companies in the Bakken work to reduce flaring, according to the United States Department of Energy (DOE).”  

“In August, 28 percent of North Dakota’s natural gas was flared, the state reported. That was near North Dakota’s flare-rate goal of 26 percent in 4Q 2014, despite an increase in oil production in the Bakken in August, according to the website”  

“Following criticism from royalty holders regarding extensive flaring that made North Dakota shine as brightly in satellite photos as large metropolitan areas, the North Dakota Industrial Commission – the state’s regulatory agency for oil and gas – approved new flaring goals on July 1, 2014. The commission’s goal for 4Q 2014 is 26 percent; this drops to 23 percent in 1Q 2015 and 15 percent in 1Q 2016.”