Pentagon: No Budget Soon

Posted October 30, 2014 at 5:15am

Defense News reports that “the Pentagon’s chief financial officer admitted on Wednesday that he is ‘not super optimistic’ about Congress reaching a budget deal once the current continuing resolution temporarily funding the federal government expires on Dec. 11.”  

“’What I do worry about is that we’re looking at a ‘new normal’ where people think [a budget being approved] three months late isn’t a problem anymore’ said Comptroller Mike McCord during an afternoon speech at the TechAmerica defense industry conference in suburban Washington.  

Even getting a budget done this year “doesn’t seem that likely” since Congress will be locked in a lame duck session after the midterm elections in November. Instead, it’s more likely that the looming debt ceiling expiration next spring will be the next best chance for Congress and the White House to reach a deal.