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Electoral Roller Coaster: Brace Yourself Edition

The problem with most — nay, every — campaign is that there must invariably be a winner and, pardon my French, a loser.  

Assuming you and yours do wind up in the latter category this evening (or somewhere down the line), do try and make peace with whatever outcome unfolds.  

Far be it from me to begrudge anyone a cathartic pity party. (Go ahead. Give that one-hit wonder Daniel Powter a final spin.)  

But don’t wallow too long.  

Lest you spend the rest of your days — much like these poor saps — slogging through the emotional quagmire colloquially known as the five stages of grief.  

Denial and Isolation Lying to oneself is rarely a winning proposition.  

Just ask grossly disillusioned short-timer Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth. Anger Some believe civility is the glue that holds society together.  

VPOTUS hopeful Mitch Gilliam would probably enjoy slapping those fools into the middle of next week.  

Bargaining Losers readily admit defeat.  

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