SEALS Reminded Not to Seek Fame

Posted November 5, 2014 at 5:03am

Defense News reports that “the head of US Naval Special Warfare Command and its senior enlisted sailor have reminded SEALs and other special operators to stay out of the limelight.”  

“The Oct. 31 letter from Rear Adm. Brian Losey and Force Master Chief Michael Magaraci to Naval Special Warfare sailors stresses that they should strive for the respect of their colleagues, not public acclaim. The Tampa Tribune first reported about the letter on Sunday.”  

“’At Naval Special Warfare’s core is the SEAL ethos,’ according to the letter, which was obtained by Navy Times. “’A critical tenant of our ethos is ‘I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions.’ Our ethos is a life-long commitment and obligation, both in and out of the service. Violators of our ethos are neither teammates in good standing, nor teammates who represent Naval Special Warfare.’”