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Thundering Herds Expected Wednesday for Bison Day Fest

The bison lobby is storming back onto the Hill Wednesday for its annual congressional reception — a celebration of things large, lumbering and mammalian.  

The National Bison Day shindig (NBD was actually on Nov. 1, but this is close enough for government work, right?) is scheduled to take place Wednesday from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in Dirksen 106. Interested parties are strongly encouraged to RSVP via Eventbrite .  

One of the sponsors told HOH this year’s festivities would include complimentary bison sliders (courtesy of Western Buffalo Company), bison meatballs (a new addition to the program), bison-shaped cookies and samples of Buffalo Trace Distillery’s barrel-aged wares (everything’s coming up Kentucky !)  

Amateur photographers can also snap away at the planned Beards for Bison “selfie station.” According to organizers, Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D. — co-sponsor of the National Bison Legacy Act, a proposal to enshrine the buffalo as our national mammal — is slated to say a few words. Confidence is low he’ll be able to top the pitch John Calvelli, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s executive vice president of public affairs, floated in anticipation of National Bison Day.  

“I encourage bison supporters across the country to get involved … by visiting a bison herd in person at their local zoo or public herd,” Calvelli urged supporters.  

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