Marine Corps to Address Gender Bias

Posted November 14, 2014 at 2:40pm

The Marine Corps Times reports that “new training will ask Marines to question their unconscious gender biases as the Marine Corps opens thousands of new positions to women.”  

“Marine officials announced in a Nov. 12 administrative message that female Marines in the ranks of corporal and above were now eligible to fill some 2,600 previously closed jobs in active and Reserve units as the Corps continues to study the integration of women in combat units. This effort is driven by a Pentagon directive to the services to open all military jobs to women by 2016, or be prepared to seek specific exceptions.”  

“To prepare Marines for ongoing unit integration, officials with the Corps’ Force Innovation Office created a ‘commander’s tool kit’ of six classes covering topics including unconscious bias and organizational change, as well as a primer for the Marines’ force integration plan.”