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The Push to Include Climate-Change Denial in Schools

Clare Foran in the Atlantic writes about the trend to alter climate curriculum in schools.  

“Truth in Texas Textbooks [coalition] formed last year to shape how climate change and scores of other topics are taught.”  

“To shape climate curriculum, the coalition plans to rate textbooks as ‘good,’ ‘acceptable,’ ‘poor,’ or ‘worse.’”  

“The coalition’s system of rating textbooks could soon spread beyond Texas. … Activists in California, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Utah, and Wisconsin have already contacted the coalition to learn how they can create their own rating system.”  

“Eighty-nine new social-studies textbooks have now been approved in [Texas]. But school districts have a lot of leeway over exactly which books to buy, a series of decisions that they’re slated to make this spring.”  

“The coalition sees that policy as an opportunity. It plans to send out a report to school districts detailing the grades assigned to each book. Volunteers are also gearing up to distribute their ratings among concerned-citizens groups and parent-teacher organizations.”  

“Dan Quinn, a spokesman for the Texas Freedom Network, doubts the coalition will gain traction. He called their reviews ‘amateurish’ and ‘overtly political’ and believes ‘school administrators and teachers who make the purchasing decisions will see right through the nonsense.’”

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