Pentagon Nominee Made Paid Appearances

Posted January 21, 2015 at 11:55am

“Since leaving as the Pentagon’s second-ranking official over a year ago, Secretary of Defense nominee Ashton B. Carter earned over $100,000 from private appearances before high-profile Wall Street firms, technology investors, and defense labs, according to disclosure forms,” the Boston Globe reports.  

“Carter, a longtime Harvard scholar, defense consultant, and top Pentagon official whose Senate confirmation hearing is scheduled for next month, also earned $120,000 last year as a consultant to the Markle Foundation, which has a stated mission of ‘leveraging technology and advancing public and private leadership.’ Carter served on the foundation’s task force on national security along with leading academics, government officials, and corporate leaders.”  

“Carter’s confirmation as the next secretary of defense is widely predicted to get bipartisan support. If he is confirmed, he has agreed to resign two private-sector positions: as an adviser for computer technology companies Box Inc. and Palo Alto Networks Inc.”