B-52 Bomber Flies into the Future with Tech Upgrades

Boeing photo
Boeing photo
Posted February 6, 2015 at 1:26pm

The waves of technology upgrades wash over society with regularity – think about the continuous updates to the apps on a smart phone.  

With constantly evolving technology, military platforms also need a method to quickly incorporate software upgrades. The B-52 bomber , a powerhouse of the U.S. Air Force fleet, is in the midst of a technology and communications conversion to do just that.  

The Combat Network Communications Technology upgrade, known as CONECT, adds digital capabilities to the B-52 with enhancements such as full-color LCD displays with real-time intelligence feeds and an onboard, high speed network that enables the aircrew to respond quickly to a mission change.  

Boeing engineers have designed the CONECT modification to not only incorporate today’s technology but also allow for future upgrades thanks to more powerful processors and an onboard network. This latest upgrade continues more than five decades of Boeing experience building, maintaining and modernizing the Air Force fleet of long range bombers.  

Even as technology continues to evolve around us, the B-52 will be equipped for the future thanks to CONECT. The modification supports efforts to keep the current bomber fleet modernized and maintained at a level of combat readiness until a new, 21st Century long-range bomber can be funded and fielded into the force.