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Charlie Rangel Hatches Healthy Eating Plan

Affordable Care Act sponsor Rep. Charles B. Rangel Monday proposed everyone take three small steps as part of a monthlong commitment to greater dietary awareness.  

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Those who choose to adopt the “Rangel Resolution” —  (he rolled out the pilot program at an event in Harlem, N.Y.) — are obliged to consider his following guidelines before next parting their lips:

Replace all sugary beverages with water; Eat breakfast every day; and Eat at least one additional serving of fruits and vegetables a day.
A Rangel aide said the New York Democrat eats oatmeal bolstered by fresh fruit for breakfast every morning and often whips up produce-fueled pick-me-ups while in the office.  

“What’s very important is that you eat a healthy breakfast,” Rangel told HOH, stressing that plates piled high with bacon, eggs and has browns simply will not cut it. “You have to use moderation and common sense.”  

He feels strongly that excising hidden sugar — “Consuming one can of soda a day increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 22 percent and can result in gaining almost 15 pounds in one year,” Team Rangel warns in the official press release for the nascent initiative — is key to becoming more nutritionally aware.  

And he did not mince words about having to play it smart while dining within the Capitol.  

“I have to stay away from the Members’ Dining Room . It really doesn’t lend itself to healthy eating,” Rangel said.  

In planning his own meals, Rangel billed strawberries, bananas and pineapple as his go-to sweeteners; on the savory side, he expressed a penchant for spinach sautéed with garlic, as well as steamed vegetables (carrots and string beans, in particular).  

Whether you agree with his personal menu options or not, Rangel is hoping to plant a seed for folks to think before they open their mouths. “It is just so easy to do nothing,” he counseled.  

Those planning to take the alimentary plunge with Rangel can formally register for the challenge online ( . Staff plan to send out daily newsletters chock full of health tips and status reports.  

Participants are also encouraged to submit their healthiest recipes — a crowd-sourcing effort Team Rangel plans to roll into the “Rangel Resolution Recipe e-Book.” The lawmaker is expected to congratulate the creator of the most popular recipe (as determined by a public vote) with a personal note.  

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