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Adapting Systems for New Missions: Small Diameter Bomb Ground Launch Test Success


The Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB), a collaboration between Boeing and Saab, brings a ground-launch capability to Boeing’s traditionally air-launched Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) I for the first time by integrating it with an existing M26 Multiple Launch Rocket System. As one system, GLSDB adds formidable capability to defend against a variety of foes in bunkers, caves or on the reverse slope of a mountain, where existing ground-based ballistic missiles currently can’t engage.  

During testing, the team and potential customers looked on as the system’s 360 degree launch capability was demonstrated firing a bomb that survived the rigorous launch environment, deployed its wings, acquired GPS and glided to the target zone using a reverse-slope maneuver before deploying its fuse. The tests confirmed that the GLSDB will operate effectively to fill a global ground artillery capability gap. It will also allow customers to leverage advantages of Boeing and Saab’s industry partnership, including the investment that took GLSDB from concept to demonstration.  

Learn more and see the new Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb undergo testing in this video from Boeing: SDB Conquers New Ground .  


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