Key to Attack Helicopter Mission Success: Apache Longbow Crew Trainer

Boeing photo
Boeing photo
Posted March 30, 2015 at 4:49pm

The AH-64 Apache Longbow helicopter  is designed to zero in on enemy targets from miles away and to survive heavy attack while providing close air support for ground troops. Apache’s are deployed as the primary heavy attack helicopter by the U.S. Army as well as allied nations. This complex weapon system requires a well-trained crew to achieve mission readiness and that means a highly sophisticated crew trainer is essential. The Apache Longbow Crew Trainer does just that by matching the capabilities of the trainer to the latest Apache AH-64E model. Each action the pilot and crew performs in the trainer matches the actual aircraft for the most realistic experience, creating a much safer environment for those in charge of operating the aircraft.  

Boeing teams in St. Louis work with counterparts on the Apache aircraft team in Mesa, Ariz. to receive early access to the AH-64E helicopter’s design data, operational flight programs and subject matter experts. This enables the team to avoid error-prone processes of reverse engineering displays and logic that would otherwise be required to achieve the accuracy in the trainer. Because the Apache teams work so closely, modernization changes and upgrades can be incorporated into the simulator quickly. In fact, the team is working on an upgrade to both the aircraft and the trainer that will allow daily incremental changes that are made on the aircraft to be made immediately on the trainer.  

The aircrews using the Boeing Apache Longbow Crew Trainer are taught to fly in high stress situations and environments they may encounter in real life that often require quick decisions and reactions.  The experience they receive in the trainer allows them to develop and practice the skills to achieve superior performance and mission success training the same way as they fight.