Feds Push States to Plan for Climate Change

Posted April 3, 2015 at 5:00am

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency wants states to do a better job planning for the natural disasters they are likely to face in a warming world. Beginning next year, the agency will require states to evaluate the risks that climate change poses to their communities in order to gain access to millions of dollars of disaster preparedness funding,” writes Mother Jones .  

“The new requirement won’t affect the post-disaster relief that communities receive after being devastated by hurricanes or tornados. Rather, the change comes as part of FEMA’s revision to its State Hazard Mitigation Plan guidelines. Under its Hazard Mitigation Assistance program, FEMA allocates disaster preparedness funds to states that submit formal documents outlining the risks their communities face and how they plan to address them.”  

“The revised guidelines require states to consider the impacts of ‘changing environment or climate conditions’ in order for their plans to be approved for funding.”